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eDiscovery or Computer Forensic Services

Investigative accounting has evolved with the advent of computer forensic services, also known as Electronic Discovery or e-discovery. It is important to be able to efficiently assess computer-generated information so that it can be collected, safe guarded, and later produced in an electronically generated format.

We understand how important your data is to you, that’s why all of our data is managed locally and never leaves the country. Whether you require forensic analysis of your Laptop, cell phone, webmail account, or require expert witness testimony, we are always ready to help you uncover the facts.


Computer technology may exist in many stored formats, many languages, offsite, and with cloud computing. When your case or investigation requires a computer forensic approach we can help. Let the forensic computer experts at Krofchick Valuations assist you when you need an e-discovery solution.

List of Services

  •           Computer Investigations

  •           Cell Phone Investigations

  •           Cloud Storage Analysis

  •           USB File Tracking

  •           Forensically Imaging/cloning of evidence

  •           Virtualization of evidence

  •           Keyword searching

  •           Document and Email recovery

  •           Fraud & Expense Theft Investigations

  •           Steganographic Analysis

Legal Services

  •           Expert witness testimony

  •           Civil Litigation

  •           Criminal Litigation

  •           Swearing of Affidavits

  •           Execution of Anton Pillar Orders


List of Certifications at our office

  •          Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)

  •          Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

  •          Certified Information Systems Security Auditor (CISA)

  •          Certified Blacklight Examiner

  •          Certified Protection Professional (CPP)

  •          Certified in Steganographic Analysis

  •          Certified in Advanced Cell Phone Forensics

  •          Member of the High Tech Crime Consortium (HTCC)

  •          Licensed Private Investigator in the Province of Ontario

  •          CompTIA A+ Certified

For more information on how the experts at Krofchick Valuations can help with your case, please Contact UsOur staff would be pleased to review any matter with you.

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