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Collaborative Practice

The Collaborative Practice is an alternate approach to court based matrimonial separations. Here at Krofchick Valuations we have collaboratively trained personnel to assist you in the collaborative process.

Collaborative Practitioners achieve their goal of helping families change from being married to being separated and divorced and resolving all issues by using the following principles:

  1. They do not go to court. The time, anguish, complex paperwork and expense of that step is saved.
  2. They do that by signing a participation agreement. It is a contract signed by both client’s and both lawyers, agreeing among other terms, not to go to court. Family and Financial Professionals who are or become part of the team also sign the agreement.
  3. Immediate settlement meetings designed to get the best possible result, are the core of the process.
  4. At the meetings clients control the process with their professionals by their side to help negotiations to be respectful, practical and imaginative.
  5. Problems are solved constructively. The lawyers, family and financial professionals are trained to manage conflict.
  6. Bargaining is in good faith.
  7. Full disclosure of all relevant information including financial information is obtained.
  8. Solutions to help parents co-operate in their children’s best interests are promoted.
  9. If settlement is not achieved and the parties want to go to court, the lawyers, financial and family professionals must withdraw.

If you would like to consult with one of our trained Collaborative Practitioners call 1-877-250-6682. For more information on how the experts at Krofchick Valuations can help with your case, please Contact Us. Our staff would be pleased to review any matter with you.

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