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Loss of Housekeeping and Home Maintenance

If, as a result of their injuries, a plaintiff can no longer perform their regular housekeeping and home maintenance duties they are entitled to damages to compensate them for this loss. This loss can arise in a number of ways, including making out-of-pocket payments to a third party to help with their chores or enduring so much difficulty in doing these chores themselves that they lose any semblance of an appropriate work-life balance. Our calculations of loss of housekeeping and home maintenance use the most up-to-date market information and statistical data to quantify this often overlooked heading of damages.

The experts at Krofchick Valuations have prepared thousands of expert reports quantifying the economic damages in personal injury matters such as motor vehicle collisions, slip and falls, medical malpractice, toxic torts, sexual assaults, and criminal damage claims etc. We assist our clients with the complicated financial aspects of their damages claims. We tackle the difficult cases with ease and efficiency.  

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the highest quality expert reports in a timely, efficient, and cost effective manner. And of course, should your case proceed to trial our qualified staff will provide you with expert testimony.

Put our years of experience to work for you.

For more information on how the experts at Krofchick Valuations can help with your case, please Contact Us. Our staff would be pleased to review any matter with you.

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