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Neutral Case Review

What is a Neutral Case Review?


Neutral Case Review is where a third CBV is hired to review both CBV reports and provide the shareholders with their view of which report would be considered the most appropriate. Unlike an arbitrator who acts as a "judge", this review is only binding if the shareholders so choose it to be. While the review can include questions to each side, there is no formal trial with witnesses. This is not meant to replace processes where there is a matter of law in dispute as opposed to a difference in value.

What are the benefits to Neutral Case Review?

This is a less costly alternative to processes where lawyers, experts, and mediators/arbitrators are required to all be together at once. The process can be done at any time instead of trying to suit everyone's schedules. 

When is Neutral Case Review used?

Neutral Case Review is often used in shareholder disputes/buy out and in matrimonial files where each party has hired their own Chartered Business Valuator to determine the value of a business or an interest in that business. Often the CBVs acting for each party have been given very different set of assumptions on which to base their valuations, which ultimately lead to different conclusions of value.  


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