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Forensic Accounting

Krofchick Valuations is a boutique firm with a specialty focus in forensic or investigative accounting. The focus of a forensic accounting investigation is to assist a court of law in reaching a decision on the outcome of a financial matter.

There are a number of disputes that could give rise to a need for a forensic accounting expert, including:

  1. Estate disputes;
  2. Family law cases relating to disposition and transfer of assets;
  3. Criminal cases relating to fraud, proceeds of crime, wrongful imprisonment, elaborate tax evasion cases, money laundering, embezzlement, and other assorted Ponzi type schemes;
  4. Partnership and shareholder dispute cases;
  5. Tracing of Assets;
  6. Determination of unreported income for tax, personal injury cases, or insurance claims.
  7. Stock brokerage cases such as improvident financial advice;
  8. Breach of fiduciary duty;
  9. Patent infringement cases;
  10. Theft and embezzlement cases; and
  11. Damage assessment cases.

Contact Krofchick Valuations today and find out how our forensic accounting experts can shed light on the financial issues surrounding your case.

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