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Medical Underwriting

Medical underwriting professionals assess and opine on the impact that an injured plaintiff’s injuries has on their life expectancy and can therefore have a significant impact on the quantum of damages to which they are entitled. Members of our underwriting team include Dr. Chris Stefanovic and David Gershuni. Dr. Stefanovic is an experienced and knowledgeable physician who has spent his career interpreting medical records, dealing with complex medical cases, and medically managing the severely disabled. David Gershuni has spent his career in the insurance industry as an underwriter and chief actuary for a major insurance company.


Our team of underwriting experts has been called on to provide evidence in a variety of settings.


Future Care Costs


After our firm had previously provided expert financial evidence on the quantum of an injured plaintiff’s future care costs as the result of a motor vehicle accident, defense counsel delivered a report from an in-house insurance medical underwriter that the plaintiff suffered from a substandard life expectancy, cutting their entitlement to future care costs in half.


Our team of medical underwriting professionals reviewed the defense document, responded with a critique of their report, and provided our own assessment that showed that the plaintiff’s change in life expectancy was considerably smaller than their expert stated, thereby ensuring they received the future care costs to which they were entitled.


We have also acted on behalf of defense counsel providing expert underwriting evidence that established plaintiffs had substandard life expectancies, resulting in lower payouts from insurers.


Pre-Existing Conditions


An injured plaintiff’s access to disability benefits and damages awards can often hinge on the presence of a pre-existing condition. Our team is often consulted to determine whether a plaintiff’s injuries stem from the incident being presented at mediation or trial (such as a motor vehicle accident, or slip-and-fall injury) or from an underlying condition that existed at some earlier time.


In one such case we assessed a long time employee of a national financial institution who went on to develop a severe disabling medical condition after a pregnancy and was subsequently denied disability coverage on the basis of a pre-existing condition. Our team conducted an extensive review of the client’s medical history and concluded that no pre-existing condition was present. After delivery of our report and at an upcoming mediation coverage was resumed and all back payments were brought up to date.


or more information on how the experts at Krofchick Valuations can help with your case, please Contact Us. Our staff would be pleased to review any matter with you.


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